We can install network cabling for businesses and homes. From a single conference room to a complete building, our engineers and technicians design and place everything you need to operate your network and equipment. In addition to running cable, we can install the technology and infrastructure necessary for operating a network, including outlets, patch panels, switches and rack accessories.

Structured Cabling

Whether you want wall-mounted monitors, CCTV cameras, telephone cabling, movable workstations or surround sound speakers in your conference room, our technicians can install your cabling, mount your hardware and equipment and hook everything up.

Network Design

Our consultants and engineers can design, install your network. We also offer ongoing monitoring and managed services for your network and servers.

Wi-Fi Wireless Network

Expand you employees' productivity with the mobility and convenience of a secure Wi-Fi network. Offer safe and reliable Internet access to visitors, customers and guests, without giving them access to your internal business network.

If you are ready to discuss...

Our team will assess:

  • Type of cabling required
  • Number of points required
  • The level of security required
  • Whether Guest Wi-FI is required